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No jackpots in Louisiana's big lotteries

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Nobody won jackpots in the big weekend lotteries sold in Louisiana, but a Powerball Match 5 ticket sold in Opelousas is worth $1 million.

The Louisiana Lottery Corp. says Wednesday's estimated jackpots rise to $50 million for the Powerball, $400,000 for Lotto and $270,000 for Easy 5.

The second-biggest payouts in Louisiana for Saturday's lottery will be for seven Lotto tickets that matched five of six numbers to win $3,614.

Saturday's winning numbers were:

-Easy 5:


(seventeen, nineteen, twenty-two, twenty-nine, thirty-six)



(seven, nine, twenty-one, twenty-three, thirty-six, thirty-eight)


14-18-28-29-57, Powerball: 8

(fourteen, eighteen, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, fifty-seven; Powerball: eight)

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