Jim Henderson Web Chat: Reason for hope

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Another week, another loss for the Saints.  But unlike the first three L's against lesser opponents, this defeat came at the hands of a team with equal skill level.

The Saints played up to that level all game, not just in spurts, according to FOX 8 Saints Analyst Jim Henderson "It's hard to take the pulse of the Who Dat Nation but I think for the most part, fans feel better about this defeat, even if it is the fourth in a row, than they did the previous three defeats.  It's a game in which they were not favored, for the first time this season.  A game on the road in a very difficult place to win.  A place that has been very difficult for all teams to win in recent years.  I think the message that the Saints tried to convey after the game, and I think rightly so, this looked like the Saints."

That makeover began with Drew Brees who finally looked like his old self again.  While Brees' passing propelled the offense to three touchdowns, the running game was virtually non-existent again "When the Saints run the ball 20 or fewer times, they are 1-21.  The old saying is 'you throw to score, you run to win'.   The Saints, every once in a while, they'll come out with balance as they did in the second game against Carolina and then it just goes away, it's like an after thought to them."

On defense, two turnovers were a positive, but the lack of a pass rush was again evident "I think even Steve Spagnuolo is a little baffled by the lack of a pass rush.  He's tried different things, nothing has seemed to work.  Yesterday, Rodgers had 42 drop backs, the second most of his career, and was not sacked.  He was only chased out of the pocket a couple times and I think he was hit only once as he delivered the football so it's just unacceptable.  They can't find anybody to put pressure on quarterbacks, mobile or not."