Johnny Unitas' son cheers Drew Brees

Drew Brees (File/AP Photo)
Drew Brees (File/AP Photo)

Johnny Unitas' son will cheer this weekend for Drew Brees, poised to break his dad's touchdown record.

When Brees threw a touchdown pass to Marques Colston, he secured his place in the record books beside one of the greatest of all time: Johnny Unitas, number 19, the golden arm of the Baltimore Colts.

Unitas passed away in 2002.  Joe Unitas, one of the Hall of Fame quarterback's eight children, spoke to FOX 8 from his Las Vegas home.

"He achieved the goal to be a professional football player and it's special. I still get choked up talking about it all the time," Joe said.

Brees is one touchdown away from surpassing Unitas' record of 47 consecutive games with touchdowns.

"I'm excited for him! My dad was not much for records. He always said they were meant to be broken. This is the last one of his that will be broken," Joe said.

New Orleans film producer Steve Scaffidi is partnering with Unitas on a movie about his father's life. He talked about similarities between the two quarterbacks.

"When Drew injured his shoulder and he was lying in the hospital.  San Diego didn't want him; they went with [Philip] Rivers," said Scaffidi.

Unitas says Brees doesn't take no for an answer and keeps fighting.  "My dad was the same way," he said.

Scaffidi said the Steelers cut Johnny U.  "Nobody wanted him. They said, 'kid, you'll never play in this league.'"

Unitas proved them wrong. Now Brees takes a step onto his pedestal.

"No one has ever come close.  The closest person in the 30-touchdown range was Brett Favre," said Joe Unitas.

In a letter to Brees, the younger Unitas spoke from the heart.

"What I tell him in the letter is, when I look back on my father's life, he's bigger than the game of football.  The things that he would appreciate about you have nothing to do about football; it's who you are as a person," said Unitas.  "You are a role model for today's youth, a family man and a true humanitarian who cares about your community."

Unitas says he and his family will be watching Brees Sunday night as he works to break the record.

Brees thanked Unitas for his kind words, calling it an honor.