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St. Bernard Parish Hospital board discusses shake-up

The St. Bernard Parish Hospital board met Thursday night to discuss who should be brought in to manage the hospital after the Franciscan Missionaries pulled out of their agreement to help run the hospital.

While the board didn't make a decision Thursday, they say they're making progress towards figuring out who will manage the hospital.

Hospital Board Chairman Wayne Landry says there's been a lot of misunderstanding about the move made by the Franciscans. Landry says, contrary to what some people believe, Missionaries CEO John Finan actually praised the hospital board and said he thought the board could do an excellent job of managing the hospital.

So that's one option the board is considering. Landry says the board would simply have to hire its own CEO, instead of bringing in another entity like the Franciscans.

First, the board must go through a transition period with the Franciscans and work out paying them the rest of the money they're owed. The Franciscans are owed about $900,000.

Landry says it'll take some time before the board makes a final decision about the hospital's management but, bottom line, patient care will not be affected.

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