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Two Terrebonne deputies tested after people bite them

Charles Grasso III, 22, Charles Grasso Jr., 54, (TPSO) Charles Grasso III, 22, Charles Grasso Jr., 54, (TPSO)
Bryce Broussard (TPSO) Bryce Broussard (TPSO)

Houma, La. - The IHOP is one of the few places open late at night so the restaurant gets its share of rowdy customers.

"We've had drunk and crazy people in here trying to start fights and all but never like this," says Talina Williams, a server of 11 years.

Williams heard the story from her coworkers on the night shift.  Charles Grasso, Jr. and his son, Charles Grasso III, came into the restaurant early Saturday morning. Both appeared drunk, according to deputies, and started causing problems with other customers.

An off-duty Terrebonne Sheriff's deputy working security at the restaurant escorted out the two men.  Investigators say the younger Grasso jumped the deputy outside, biting his face above the eye and trying to wrestle the deputy's gun out of its holster. The older Grasso also got involved, say detectives, punching the deputy in the face.

IHOP workers saw what was happening outside. They say the night cook and waitress helped subdue the two men and the waitress was also bitten in the attack. Two other servers sat on the men until more deputies arrived.

That was the first of two human bite cases involved Terrebonne deputies this weekend.

Deputies were trying to serve a search warrant on Bryce Broussard, who they found on a shrimp boat in Dulac.

"They were able to get him off the boat," says Capt. Dawn Foret of the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office. "As they were attempting to handcuff him, he started to fight with both of the deputies and he also bit one of our deputies. He bit the deputy in the shoulder but was eventually tased and subdued and he was arrested as well."

Both deputies had vaccinations for hepatitis but they'll have to been screened for other diseases, possibly even HIV.

Foret says these aren't the first bite cases for the department but incidents are rare.  "We never know what to expect so we always try to prepare ourselves for anything that could happen, be it a bite or a shooting or a stabbing or just a plain old fight," says Foret. "We always try to prepare ourselves."

At the restaurant, servers are ready for whoever comes in late at night.  "I know who I have on my team now so if I ever go to nights, I'm good," says Hayley Domangue.

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