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Saints win is also a victory for local businesses

New Orleans, La - Sunday night's Saints win in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome was a big relief for local merchants. 

Turns out, when the Saints get down to business, business is good.  A win for the Saints is a win for the Who Dat Nation -- hence, a win for the businesses that serve them. 

"It's a huge difference here," said Jenna Gremillion of Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar and Restaurant.  "If we lose, it's really slow.  Nobody really celebrates.  They're just quiet and mellow."

That certainly wasn't the case Sunday night. "It was absolutely crazy in here," said Gremillion. 

For local businesses, a Saints win can be a game changer.  "Oh 100 percent without a doubt," said Tim Worral.  He's the general manager of the Blind Pelican on St. Charles Avenue.  "It's a good night, really.  One of our better Sunday nights," said Worral.  "People don't go home crying.  They tend to stay out and have a little bit more fun."

The impact of a win or loss isn't just felt the day or night of the game.  Just ask the woman who makes a living selling t-shirts to Saints and LSU Tiger fans.  Liz Lennox is the owner of Citizen NOLA.  Her shirts are in stores like the Poeyfarre Market in the Warehouse District.

"A win, people spend money -- they don't have to pay homage to their favorite player, to the guy who scored a touchdown and dunked the ball," said Lennox.  "A loss, people are crying in their beers."

This week, they're not crying and Lennox says business is looking up.  "Yes. Restaurants, retailers, I'm a wholesaler -- all of our business is affected by a win or loss."

Businesses will get to enjoy the Saints win for two weeks without worry. Week 6 for the Saints is a bye week.

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