Jim Henderson's Web Chat: Saints' first victory

John Snell
John Snell

The Saints are 1-4, nowhere near where they want to be but it's a whole lot better than 0-5 heading into the bye.  The voice of the Saints, Jim Henderson, knew it would be a magical night when Drew Brees passed Johnny Unitas' record for consecutive games with a touchdown pass in unique fashion.

"Wasn't it appropriate that Devery [Henderson] should catch that pass.  It was mentioned afterward, Drew mentioned it, I met Joe Unitas(Johnny's son) and he mentioned it, we mentioned it as well in our postgame coverage that number 19 catches the historic touchdown pass when, of course, Johnny U was number 19 all those years in Baltimore and later with the San Diego Chargers.  It was a special night, would've been less so in defeat."

The main reasons the Saints came out victorious were the Herculean efforts of Brees, Henderson, and Marques Colston.  The defense struggled in the first half, just as it had the first four games of the season, but got its' act together in the second half.

"The final 27 and a half minutes, the Chargers were held scoreless.  They punted twice, were intercepted, and fumbled."

The win was a step back to the normal ways for the team, but it was a first for Aaron Kromer, at least as interim head coach.

"When we were waiting to go on air Sunday night, I looked out in the area outside the Saints locker room and Aaron Kromer was taking the embraces of his entire family and just had this huge grin on his face.  He was so satisfied.  He would probably never say that publicly, he's always trying to deflect the limelight from himself but what a great place to score your first victory."