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Boil water advisory lifted in New Orleans

The water in Orleans Parish is now safe to drink. Authorities lifted the boil water advisory for the east bank of the parish.

The Sewerage and Water Board released the results of its tests Tuesday afternoon, saying the tests found no harmful bacteria in the water. Residents simply need to run their faucets for several minutes before ingesting any water.

For many residents and businesses, it was a stressful day and a half without clean tap water.

At Camellia Grill Tuesday morning, every customer was given clean water. Gone were the glasses of tap water that typically greet each diner.

Waiter Marvin Day said, "Everybody still wants the Mississippi water. They want the crushed ice. It's like they're taking them off their program."

Still, the staff at Camellia Grill wanted to make sure their diners were safe.

The advisory first went into place Monday afternoon, hours after water pressure levels at the city's main water plant dropped because of an equipment malfunction at the power plant.

That's when the cooks at Camellia Grill started boiling any water they'd need to cook with. "You know, like the little liquid, the gumbos, and the gravy. Basically that's all we're going to use the water for, and the red beans and rice," Day said.

Restaurants weren't the only places having to worry about the boil water advisory.  Michael Benedetti is the director of sales at The Saint hotel on Canal Street, downtown.  Benedetti told us, "We immediately had letters written up for each guest that checked in. Gave them complimentary bottled water. Informed them of the situation."

Benedetti says the boil water advisory didn't cause too much of an inconvenience -- it was more of a headache for hotel staff.  He explained, "I kind of saw it and was like, ok, another thing. What are you going to do? Just get it fixed and make people happy."

Most tourists FOX 8 spoke with were taking the whole thing in stride. Terry Silva of California said, "Not what we expected but it's just a minor inconvenience."

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