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Sheriff may sanction deputy, after juvenile on monitor arrest

New Orleans, La - The Orleans Parish Sheriff may discipline a deputy for losing track of a 14-year-old who was wearing an ankle bracelet.

The teen was arrested in an Uptown crime spree.

The ankle bracelet was having problems for seven days prior to the crime, but the teenager was never picked up.

Saying no system is failsafe, Sheriff Marlin Gusman and the monitoring company Omnilink issued a 12-page report.

Basically the report shows there were problems with the cellular signals being received from the bracelet, and possibly with the deputy who failed to react to cell reception failures.

It has been nine days now, since a 14-year-old wearing an ankle monitor was implicated as a possible suspect in the shooting of an Uptown man during a carjacking, and three other crimes. The Sheriff's Office monitors that ankle hardware provided by Omnilink.

If a defendant is lost, he's picked up in other jurisdictions.

That didn't happen here.

This afternoon, Gusman admitted there was a series of incidents, where the 14-year-old's device was not communicating with servers, for seven days prior to the crime spree, and in spite of phone calls, and emails, the juvenile was never picked up.

Gusman said, " The Sheriff's Office's internal investigation is not complete. Based on our review, the deputy assigned to this case will receive an administrative charge related to the monitoring of this incident."

Gusman promises he will take appropriate action, and is examining his department protocols.

He says the monitoring department is adequately staffed, but he says he would not turn down more manpower.

The Gretna Police Department has double the staff that Gusman has for the monitoring program, it handles for all of Jefferson Parish. But it also handles twice the defendants.

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