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Group: Plaquemines pet euthanasia is twice the national average

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New Orleans, La - The Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society is calling attention to the euthanasia rate in the parish. 

According to PAWS, 52 percent of the cats and dogs taken in by Animal Control this year have been euthanized.  And the group says most of these animals were not homeless -- they were surrendered by their owners. 

"In the last year alone, PAWS has taken in 26 litters of kittens, 12 litters of puppies and 21 pregnant dogs," says Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society Director Denise Manger.  "In some cases, the babies and mamas are so sick or so poorly nourished, they just don't make it."

Experts say this problem could be prevented if more people had their pets spayed or neutered. 

"Animal Control frequently receives calls from parish residents, asking us to pick up the litter of puppies or kittens their family pet has just delivered," said Parish Animal Control Superintendent Raymund Ferrer.  "While we have a close partnership with PAWS, the only no-kill shelter in Plaquemines, they simply cannot take in all of the puppies, kittens, dogs and cats that are picked up by Animal Control."

PAWS is encouraging residents to do what they can to break the cycle.  The LA/SPCA and the Southern Animal Foundation both have information on low-cost spay/neuter programs.  You can contact the LASPCA at (504) 363-1333.  The contact number for the Southern Animal Foundation is (504-) 671-8235.

PAWS is also looking for volunteer grant writers.  If you're interested in helping to secure funding to save the lives of animals in the region through grant writing or through donations, call PAWS Shelter Director Denise Manger at (504) 392-1601.

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