Homeowner reportedly burglarized by man posing as real estate agent

According to Foxnews.com, a Kansas homeowner was reportedly burglarized by a man posing as a real estate agent, a "new twist" on property crime, police said.

The Wichita Eagle reports that the victim — who asked not to be identified due to security concerns — received a call from his real estate agent on Oct. 3, telling him that another man who identified himself as an agent for a couple said they were interested in the home.

Since the caller used an agent's name that was familiar to the man and used real estate jargon, the homeowner's agent then provided the man the combination to a lock box outside the home.

"We fell, hook, line and sinker," the homeowner told the newspaper.

The scamming agent and his "buyers" later arrived at the home in a small blue car and stole several items worth roughly $5,000, including jewelry, handguns, electronics and family mementos.

The victim's real agent, meanwhile, apologized for not following established procedure to confirm the caller's identity and paid for new locks on the house.

"It's a new twist for the burglary section," Wichita Police Lt. Joe Cutcliff said. "We're still chasing it."