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Residents say Terrebonne road where teen died unforgiving to speeders

Montegut, La. - Elgy Guidry's surveillance camera caught a blur in the dark, a flash of headlights as a car sped down Highway 55 Saturday night.

"I heard a car, the engine hollering because it was running so fast and when I heard it pass by my house, I said the car is not going to make that curve," says Guidry. "Sure enough, it didn't. I heard the screech and I heard the thump."

Louisiana State Police say 18-year old Justin Naquin was headed south in Montegut when he lost control at a curve. He over corrected, according to troopers, sending the car spinning off the road.

It flipped before flying into Bayou Terrebonne, landing upside down in the dark water.

"We do believe Mr. Naquin was knocked unconscious due to the fact that he was not wearing a seatbelt," says Trooper Evan Harrell. "Unfortunately he did drown in the crash. He had two passengers in the vehicle, juveniles, a 15 and 16 year old females were both inside the vehicle."

Troopers say the 16-year old got out through an open window but the 15-year old remained trapped in the backseat until rescue crews arrived. Witnesses say it took up to 20 minutes to get her out of the submerged car.

The teen is now on life support at a New Orleans hospital.

Toxicology reports could take several weeks to return but investigators think alcohol also played a role in the crash.

The biggest problem was speed though, according to troopers, and Naquin isn't the first person to lose control on the stretch of Highway 55.

Guidry and his wife say they've seen nine people die in wrecks in the area, five in their front yard.

He's thought about putting crosses out on the road, one for each death.

He thinks the many white crosses, including one for Justin Naquin, could remind to other drivers to slow down.

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