Jim Henderson's Web Chat: Joe Vitt takes over

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With their 35-28 win over Tampa Bay, the Saints are now on their first win streak of the season.  It may not have happened had it not been for a heads-up play by third year cornerback Patrick Robinson to push Buccaneers receiver Mike Williams out of bounds on what would be the last play of the game.

FOX 8 Saints analyst Jim Henderson is not so sure Robinson saw quarterback Josh Freeman leave the pocket: "[Robinson] is stumbling and at about two yards deep in the end zone, he turns to run with Williams then it doesn't look like he ever turns around to see that Freeman is truly out of the pocket.  When Williams gets to the back of the end zone, he pushes him out.  Malcolm Jenkins talked about it afterwards that Robinson knew the rule and knew that he could leave the receiver once he had gone out of bounds.  You've got to really credit that kid for knowing that rule which is so obscure and also for having the presence of mind to do that."

The final play ended a game full of swings and big plays.  None of those impact plays came from second year running back Mark Ingram, something that has frustrated members of the Who Dat Nation all season.

Henderson: "We don't know what goes on in the meeting rooms.  We don't know whether Chris Ivory isn't paying attention, or if he's gotten out of shape from the lack of activity, or if they think he's a detriment because of his ball-handling skills, or lack thereof."

Decisions like Ingram versus Ivory are now in the hands of Joe Vitt, as Aaron Kromer coached his final game as the interim, interim head coach.  Henderson thinks Kromer should be commended for the job he did in six games: "One of the criticisms from early in the losing streak was that there was no passion, no swagger, no fire on the sideline but I think those things increased under Aaron Kromer's tutelage."