Lee Zurik Investigation: Federal subpoena linked to Phil Ramon

File image of Phil Ramon
File image of Phil Ramon

Sources tell FOX 8 News that Plaquemines Parish government has received a grand jury subpoena, delivered by the FBI.

The subpoena delivered Monday asks for a long list of records and gives some insight into who the feds are taking a close look at.

Phil Ramon used to work in government, serving as the CAO of the City of Kenner.  When he left that job, he joined All South Consulting Engineers, a company that's made plenty of post-Katrina money, much of it in Plaquemines parish.  All South even has a Belle Chasse office.

A source says that federal grand jury subpoena asks the Plaquemines Parish government to hand over a long list of documents, all related to Ramon.

Parish records show that, during a four-year period from June 2007 to March 2011, Plaquemines Parish paid All South $26.2 million. They continue to make money from Plaquemines, though we don't have new records since March 2011.

The state's Department of Environmental Quality confirmed to us back in August that Ramon served as Plaquemines Parish's representative for the oil spill – again, Ramon wasn't a parish employee but a contractor working for All South.

We reported on Ramon back in May for questionable connections he had to the Plaquemines Sheriff's Office. Again, this subpoena was sent to the government building.  But in our previous report, we laid out how former Sheriff Jiff Hingle rented a boat from a company names Archimedes Consulting.  The representative for that company is a woman by the name of Joanne Mantis, an attorney at a New Orleans law firm, King, Krebs, and Jurgens.

Hingle's office paid Mantis' company $280,000 to rent the boat.  As we dug deeper, we found the boat didn't actually belong to Mantis or her company, Archimedes, but it belonged to Robert Isakson.  Isakson is a former FBI agent who runs a company called DRC, and both he and his company are currently under federal investigation.

Here's how Ramon comes into play. Multiple sources in Plaquemines Parish say Ramon and Mantis at one time were in a relationship.  It's unclear if that relationship continues.  But one source in Plaquemines Parish says Ramon is heavily involved with Archimedes Consulting.

Our sources say they don't know if Ramon's affiliation with Archimedes is at the center of the FBI's investigation.  But they say it is clear that agents are focusing in on Ramon and his role in Plaquemines Parish after Gustav and the BP oil spill.

We reached out to Phil Ramon for a comment and we're still awaiting his response.