Babysitter arrested after stashing baby in plastic box

Sharesse Renee Joseph, 26
Sharesse Renee Joseph, 26

Baton Rouge, La.  - A Baton Rouge woman was arrested after reportedly putting a 16 month old baby inside a plastic container, then leaving the infant alone for hours.

According to arrest records, the baby's grandmother spotted 26 year old Sharesse Renee Joseph, walking several blocks from the apartment where she was babysitting.  The grandmother notified the manager of the apartment complex that the child may have been left alone inside.

Once inside, the 16 month old child was found inside a Rubbermaid container, crying with a soiled diaper.  Police say the container was large enough to prevent the baby from getting out.

During a search of the apartment, police reportedly found three small butts believed to be marijuana cigarettes.

Joseph was arrested a short time later on charges of child desertion and marijuana charges.   The infant was been returned to the care of his mother.