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Lee Zurik Investigation: Nungesser confirms FBI subpoena

Joanne Mantis and Phil Ramon Joanne Mantis and Phil Ramon

Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser confirms his office received a federal subpoena from the FBI requesting documents. FOX 8 News first reported the details on Tuesday night.

"I don't know legally what I can say," Nungesser told us. "My attorneys received it, we're complying fully."

The subpoena from the FBI asks for documents related to Phil Ramon, a former government administrator in Kenner who, for the past few years, has worked for All South Consulting Engineers, a company with a lucrative contract in Plaquemines Parish.

"I don't know where it's leading to or what it's really about, except what y'all spoke about on news the other night," Nungesser said. "All documentation, related to Phil Ramon and, I believe, any contracts, anything."

According to the state's Department of Environmental Quality, Ramon served as Plaquemines Parish's representative for the oil spill – again, Ramon wasn't a parish employee but a contractor working for All South.

"I met Phil back when I took office," said Nungesser. "At the time, he didn't work for All South... He never worked for the parish. There's nothing where he had a contract with the parish."

Sources in Plaquemines Parish say Ramon and Joanne Mantis, an attorney for the firm King Krebs and Jurgens, are in a relationship, and one source says the subpoena to Plaquemines also asks for some documents related to Mantis.

Mantis owns a company, Archimedes Consulting. Over the summer, we reported how former Sheriff Jiff Hingle rented a boat from Archimedes, paying $280,000. But, as we dug deeper, we found the boat didn't belong to Mantis or her company, but rather it belonged to Robert Isakson, a former FBI agent who runs a company called DRC. Isakson and DRC are currently under federal investigation.

Sources in Plaquemines say Ramon is not only in a relationship with Mantis, but Ramon is also heavily involved in Archimedes Consulting.

"I've been asked about whether it's related to the sheriff or DRC or whatever," said Nungesser. "I don't know. All I can do is comply with it."

A 2011 letter to Nungesser shows that Mantis's law firm, King Krebs and Jurgens, does work in Plaquemines, representing the parish government for the oil spill. The letter states that Mantis will be one of three attorneys primarily responsible for representing Plaquemines Parish. It's unclear if the government is looking into that business relationship.

Nungesser says, whatever the FBI wants, he'll hand over. "I really don't know what it's about," said Nungesser. "Just like in the past, the parish has complied fully with any request from the federal officials for any documents."

The documents are due for handover to the federal government by November 8.

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