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Gunfire strikes a man and a woman on Hollygrove porch

New Orleans, La - Gunfire rang out in Hollygrove Saturday, striking a man and a woman on a front porch.

The gunman fired a dozen bullets from the corner of Hollygrove and Marks, in the middle of the day.

The shooting is just the latest in a violent week, but one group is taking steps in an effort to stop the trend.

The violence comes at the end of another bloody week, that prompted an unprecedented response.

The Mayor, the Police Chief and U.S. Attorney warned about fifty parolees, gathered at criminal court, to stop the violence.

At St Anna's church on Esplanade, they've been memorializing every one of the city's murder victims for seven years.

St Anna's has now started a new, grassroots effort to try and stop the killing.

Counselors shape bones with kids, as part of the 'One Million Bones' program designed to try and put a stop to murders and genocide, across the world, especially in New Orleans.

This group hopes to make a difference one child at a time.

Dannette Brown's goal is to now save other young lives, and she's hoping her own grandchildren get the message.

At St Anna's they hope that by remembering victims, and providing positive alternatives to kids....they can make an impact.

St Anna's is hosting a week's worth of events as part of the 'one million bones' program, with ceremonies planned for Thursday , Friday, and Saturday.

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