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Hurricane Sandy impacts New Orleans

Travelers waiting at Armstrong International Airport, New Orleans Travelers waiting at Armstrong International Airport, New Orleans

Hurricane Sandy has already forced the cancellations of dozens of flights out of New Orleans.  And, from the closing of the stock market to fuel prices, the storm is having other local impacts.

For their part, the Locketts just got off a cruise ship and headed to Armstrong Airport for the flight back home.  But while the Carnival cruise to Cozumel and back was smooth sailing, the flight back home is a circus.

"They're just saying that the flights to Virginia and  Newport News are all shut down, check back tomorrow," said Terrence Lockett.

120 flights head to the northeast out of Armstrong a day, and with Hurricane Sandy bearing down on that area, most were cancelled.

Sandy also has shut down trading on Wall Street, home to some of the world's biggest stock markets and financial institutions.

And Sandy threatens to impact our wallets.   From Nova Scotia to New Jersey, there are five refineries that will likely lose power and the ability to produce fuel.

"The area is chronically short of capacity anyway, and when you start shutting down refineries and power, the refineries go down and they had a shortage.  And that's where you will see the impact," said Eric Smith from the Tulane Energy Institute.

While fuel prices will likely rise in the northeast, they aren't expected to jump significantly here or across much of the country. "I think it will be less than what you would have seen for hurricanes around the Gulf Coast, because you're messing with the producing source," said Smith. 

Smith says another reason national gas prices are not expected to rise is that most of the nation's refining capacity is here in Louisiana and Texas.

There's a silver lining for the Locketts as well, according to Terrence Lockett,  With flights back home delayed for at least two days, it's back to Bourbon Street to ride out a storm over a thousand miles away.  "If you got to get stuck, at least it's New Orleans," Lockett says.

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