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Saints and fans gather for Gleason Gras 2012

New Orleans, La - There was a big party in Champions Square to celebrate a man who has proven he's a champion on the field of play and the field of life.  As Steve Gleason continues his fight with ALS, his fans and friends rallied for Gleason Gras 2012.

There was live musical entertainment in the square and photos with Gleason and the city's favorite quarterback inside Club 44.  "I'm just honored to be a friend and honored to help any way I can for Team Gleason," said Drew Brees. 

Brees says Gleason Gras is a way to salute a man responsible for a precious moment in the city's history.  "We will always remember what Steve did on that Monday night in September of 2006," said Brees.  "Blocking the punt, I think really reviving this entire city in that single moment forever be one of the greatest plays that I've ever been a part of and Steve Gleason will always be one of the greatest teammates that I've ever had."

"We are so grateful for everyone who weathered the storm and came out," said Michel Gleason.  "It means the world to us."

The event had a rainy start, but an ending with a clear picture of why so many support Team Gleason. 

"Steve continues to amaze with his desire to continue to help others who have been stricken with ALS and really make a positive impact," said Brees.  "To continue the fight, to continue to want to reach out and help others, I think shows what kind of man Steve Gleason is."

The event was presented by the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation in association with the New Orleans Saints and Rehage Entertainment to raise awareness for ALS and to support the Gleason Family Trust.  The trust helps offset the cost of living with ALS.  Contributions also go toward Gleason's participation in advanced and experimental technology, equipment and treatments.



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