State enacts emergency rule to ban new synthetic drug

Baton Rouge, La. - Top state legislators, health officials and law enforcement personnel held a news conference Friday announcing steps to ban a dangerous new drug, 25-I, making it illegal in Louisiana.

The drug, also called Smiles or N-Bomb, has been added to the State's Controlled Dangerous Substance Act, effective immediately.

Similar to "bath salts," which Louisiana made illegal two years ago following several deaths, 25-I is a synthetic drug that can cause brain hemorrhaging, seizures, hallucinations, confusion, paranoia, fear and panic.

This synthetic drug is commonly manufactured in China and India, and is being sold in powder and liquid form online, which is how people access it in the United States.

The ban on 25-I follows the death of an Arkansas man at last month's Voodoo Fest where he took the dangerous drug. Police say 21 year-old Clayton Otwell tried a drop of the drug in his nose.

They say he lost consciousness and later died at a New Orleans hospital.