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Group gathers to fight for Louis Armstrong School

A Community Voice (Photo by Jessica Holly) A Community Voice (Photo by Jessica Holly)

New Orleans, La - Vanessa Gueringer is the Vice President of the Lower 9th Ward Chapter of A Community Voice.  She's working to call attention to the state of Louis Armstrong Elementary.

She and a group of concerned citizens gathered outside the school on Saturday.  "We're here today to make them understand that we want progress on this school and we're not taking no for an answer," said Gueringer.  "We have had young people tell us time and time again, we cannot come back to the Lower 9th Ward because we will not have our children bussed outside of this community."

According to a mid-year Superintendent's Report, the RSD is moving forward with plans to "mothball" or secure the historic building until a decision is made about it's future.  The members of A Community Voice say they're tired of waiting.

Candidate for the District E New Orleans City Council seat Austin Badon, says the building sitting idle deprives the community of much more than a school. "Right now, schools are being utilized 16 hours a day," said Badon.  "There's libraries.  There's after school programs.  There are mentorship programs.  When you have a school that is closed, you don't have all of that."

The other candidate in the District E race, James Gray, says the school is one part of a much bigger problem facing the district.   "It's part of a general priority of bringing more things into the district.  It goes right along with making sure we get the hospital, the Walmart, the outlet mall," said Gray.  "This community needs more things, more physical objects where they can have in their community and improve the look and the feel of the community."

Right now, a community voice is keeping a focus on the shuttered Louis Armstrong School.  The group is pushing for it to re-open as a school or even a community center.  They just want valuable services to return to 5909 St. Claude Avenue.

Fox 8 has requested additional information from the RSD to find out if there are any updates on the plans for the building.  

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