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Saints fans celebrate a big win

Crescent City Tailgaters  (Photo by Jessica Holly) Crescent City Tailgaters (Photo by Jessica Holly)

New Orleans, La - Saints fans were cheering, chanting and dancing around the dome Sunday afternoon. 

The Crescent City Tailgaters were camped out near the dome.  They were frying chicken.  It was a bird in the fryer in honor of the big win against the Saints rival, the Atlanta Falcons.

"We beat the Falcons and the team is coming together," said one fan.  "You know we could go 2 and 14 and as long as the 2 wins are against Atlanta, it's a successful season."

"This is a great confidence booster. Beat Atlanta Falcons who are no longer undefeated. Go Saints," exclaimed another fan.

Fans aren't just excited about defeating a rival team.  They say this game should put the rest of the NFC on notice.

"Be scared of the Saints," shouted a member of the Who Dat Nation.  "Be afraid people. Be afraid. We are coming to get you."

"I'm very optimistic," added another fan.  "I think we're going in the right direction."

Fans say the "right direction" should include a lot of praise for number 29.  "Chris Ivory to me is the difference in the whole game," said a fan.  "That attitude that he brings is just everything. The running game is completely different with him in the game."

Die-hard fans like the Crescent City Tailgaters are convinced this win is the beginning of something big.  "We're gonna be in the Super Bowl this year," shouted a tailgater.

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