Jim Henderson: 'Vitt-orious'

The Saints might want to adjust their pricing structure.  The best seats in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome are not on the 50-yard line -- they're in the end zone.

That's where the Saints defense continues its recent costume change from Clark Kents to Supermen in the Superdome.  In the previous two home games against the Chargers and Eagles, the Saints kept their opponents from scoring touchdowns in all nine of their goal-to-go opportunities.

Sunday they added two more crucial fourth quarter deprivations of the Falcons from puncturing the "Benz Zone", punctuating one of the most thrilling Saints wins in recent memory.

The Falcons took seven snaps inside the Saints five-yard line on those two drives and failed to score a touchdown.  Michael Turner carried four times in goal-to-go situations.  And totaled negative-two yards.

Few things can energize a defense more and deflate an offense more than a goal line stand.  And the Saints have authored some memorable ones in another November to remember.

It seems that each year, when the Saints revert to standard time, they do anything but "fall back."  They spring forward.  Sunday's was the team's 13th straight win in the month of November dating back to 2009.  We all remember what that led to.

Perhaps it's a good omen that the Saints will play five games in the month this season, more than any other.

To close out another unbeaten November this year will require knocking off the Falcons for the second time in four weeks in Atlanta.  Oakland and San Francisco loom before the re-match.

If the Saints could get to the Georgia Dome at 6 and 5, who's to say they couldn't continue their recent mastery of a team they've now beaten in 11 of their last 13 meetings?

Sunday, for the first time against the Falcons in the Sean Payton-less era, the Saints emerged "Vitt-torious." In this season when the Saints are answering unprecedented challenges, why not dream of conquering another?

No interim head coach has ever been NFL coach of the year.