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Display honors hundreds of veterans from Lafourche Parish

Cut Off, La. - Roland Cheramie smiles every time he sees a picture of himself in uniform. He's proud of his time in the Army.

"I just went in there to serve my country and that was it," he says.

Cheramie's photo is one of hundreds now on display at the South Lafourche Library. A local historian began compiling these photographs and records more than a decade ago, and the project has grown each year.

Hundreds of pictures fill the library hall of men and women who served our country.

All of the veterans are from the 10th Ward of Lafourche Parish, from Larose to Cheniere Caminada near Grand Isle. The photos date back to the Civil War and many of the families still live here today.

Library administrator Paul Chiquet keeps track of all the names.  He says people come from all over the country to look at the display. Most can't believe how many men and women from this small community served.

Chiquet says it's "dans sang", French for "in the blood."

"It is amazing to see but yet it's sort of normal for us because we're fighters and proud to do so for what we believe in," says Roland Cheramie.

As Cheramie looks at the pictures of so many people he knows, he feels pride for his country and his community.

"You could have stayed home and you could have did what you wanted but I knew they had a reason," he says. "Some people got to sacrifice. I got drafted out of three- or four-thousand kids and I was the one of them that got drafted, so you take it as it is.  You feel, well, they calling you for a good reason."

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