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One worker still missing after platform explosion

New Orleans, La - The search continued Sunday for a worker still missing after the oil platform explosion and fire in the Gulf on Friday.  Meanwhile, an investigation is underway and there's encouraging news about the four men who suffered severe burns.

"In my career, this is the first time I've dealt with a situation like this," said John Hoffman, President and CEO of Black Elk Energy Offshore Operations. 

Hoffman says the investigation into the deadly fire and explosion started Saturday.  "That root cause investigation will continue for some time as we gather evidence in coordination with government agencies and the U.S. Coast Guard."

As investigators works to determine exactly what happened, three dive boats continue the search for a missing worker.  Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Deputies are also combing the beaches.

Crews found the body of the second missing worker Saturday on the sea floor beneath the platform.

Four workers suffered severe burns.  They are being treated at Baton Rouge General Medical Center.  Physicians there held a brief news conference Sunday morning.   They say the survivors in their care have a long road ahead of them, but they remain optimistic that they will continue to improve.

"The first two patients remain in critical condition," said Dr. Jeffrey Littleton, Chairman of the Department of Surgery.  "The third is in serious condition and I am please to share that the fourth patient has demonstrated significant progress and is now in fair condition.

The patient in fair condition is 50-year-old Wilberto Ilagan of the Philippines. "I spoke with him earlier," said Dr. Littleton.  "He would like to share with the country his native country and the world, I quote, to my relatives, my family and my country, I am alive and in good health.  I burned but my heart and lungs are healthy."


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