Chris Rose: Crazy talk

As my children get older, I sound more pessimistic than ever when I talk to them.

I am not pessimistic by nature at all.

It's just that – when kids hit the prime of their youth, they are filled with the wonder of the world; they believe anything can happen.

My duty is to temper their expectations so they don't get hurt.

With this in mind that I say to you, dear viewers: Be careful.

Because I know what you're thinking and you're only setting yourself up for heartbreak. Again.

Sure, in the past two games, the Saints typically efficient offense has been burnished by heroic goal line stands and takeaways on defense and eye-popping special teams play.

We turned our record around from a dismal 0-4 to a respectable 5-5.

The sports media is talking up the Saints now, throwing around terms like "hot," "on fire" and "inspired."

The prevailing motto around town today is: ".500 never looked so good."

Only a Saints fan would say something like that.

Only a true Saints fan would believe something like that.

Knowing this town, somebody's probably already wearing a T-shirt that says that.

Yeah, sure, I was among the masses who had the scenario laid out in my mind before it all began – that the team would play with chips on their shoulders, avenge the wrongs perpetrated against us, put a beat down on opposing team players – not for bounties – but simply for the love of the game.

And that we would play the Super Bowl in our own house.

Too good to be true?

I was about to say: "Stranger things have happened."

But, no, they haven't.

And maybe that's why, in the back of my mind, I believe it is, in fact, possible.

Because it's so absurd.

But mostly because it's New Orleans and whenever you think the storyline on this team can't get any more bizarre, more extreme – it always does.

Just when we all thought the season was lost, just as fast we're talking Super Bowl again.

That's crazy talk. Even my kids told me today that's not gonna happen.

So that's why I caution you, my friends and neighbors. I don't want to see anyone get hurt.

As for me, well: I believe.

Oh, I most definitely believe.