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Changes recommended for Orleans Parish electronic monitoring program

File photo of an ankle monitor File photo of an ankle monitor

New Orleans, La. – The Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office released recommendations made in a review of its electronic monitoring program.

Sheriff Marlin Gusman's officer says the review was done by the Corrections Technology Center of Excellence, a program of the National Institute of Justice.

Here are the group's recommendations:

  1. Clarifying the mission statement to better reflect the program's operational goals and periodically measuring the progress toward meeting these goals
  2. Making significant adjustments in the acceptance of juveniles into the program and the manner in which they are monitored
  3. Making the program more autonomous
  4. Increasing staffing levels and deployment strategies
  5. Improving program oversight and alert management
  6. Taking advantage of available supervision tools to improve efficiencies
  7. Developing a more robust strategic partnership with New Orleans Police Department

The sheriff's office says it launched some of the recommendations outlined in the report in recent weeks, including adding staff and procedural changes.

In a news release, Sheriff Gusman says, "This report demonstrates that the city's electronic monitoring program is on the right path."

Sheriff Gusman's handling of the program came under intense scrutiny after an incident in which a teen wearing an ankle bracelet was involved in an uptown carjacking.

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