$1 million ticket, three $10k tickets sold in Slidell, New Orleans

Slidell, La. - Business is still steady at the Ponchartrain Drive Food Mart one day after the largest jackpot in Powerball history.

The store sold $3,000 worth of Powerball tickets just Wednesday and winners came back to claim their small payouts.

Manager Bianca Seymour is waiting to find out who her luckiest customer is.

She sold someone a ticket worth $10,000 and a lot of people made promises.

"They told me they'd come tip me if they won," says Seymour. "I seriously doubt that I'll see anything. I probably won't ever see that customer again."

The big winners in Wednesday night's Powerball drawing haven't come forward yet.

Two tickets, sold in Missouri and Arizona, matched all six numbers and will split more than $579 million.

Three smaller prize-winning tickets were bought in Slidell.

Along with the food mart, a Kangaroo Express near Old Spanish Trail sold a $10,000 winner.

"Which customer it was, I'm just hoping it was one of the ones that we see everyday that says, I'll be back, I remember your name, I know you daily," says employee Shay Spencer.

The Winn Dixie on Brownswitch Road sold the biggest local prize, a ticket matching five of six numbers.

The winner will get $1 million, the store a $10 thousand bonus.

Tickets sold in New Orleans, Hammond, Harvey and Schriever also won $10,000.