Value of NO Adolescent Hospital could hurt state budget

Baton Rouge, La. (AP) - Appraisals on a state-owned hospital in New Orleans are far short of the amount Go. Bobby Jindal's administration had hoped to collect for the budget by leasing the site to Children's Hospital.

The Jindal administration released the appraisals this week to The Advocate ( ).

The property valuations show New Orleans Adolescent Hospital's 17-acre property is worth, at the most, $21 million and that the hospital has collapsing roofs and possible hazardous materials problems.

Negotiations for Children's Hospital to lease or buy the hospital have dragged on for months.

But the Jindal administration banked on collecting $35 million from the deal for this year's budget, which directs the dollars toward health care.

Commissioner of Administration Kristy Nichols says negotiations over the property continue and she's confident a deal will be reached.