Chris Rose: Bama fan sentenced

Now that justice has been served, let us pause to consider lessons learned from the case of the Alabama football fan and his egregious actions the night of the BCS Championship last January.

Brian Downing has plead guilty to pressing his genitalia against the neck of a passed-out LSU fan at a burger joint on Bourbon Street after Alabama's victory over the Tigers.

There are so many lessons to be gleaned on this occasion.

Problem is they all amount to warnings, cautionary tales and platitudes that everyone has heard a million times.

Don't drink so much that you pass out. Especially in public.

In fact, for the 18-year-old victim, Garrison Stamp: He shouldn't have been drinking anyway. Who served him all that alcohol? Where were his friends?

Downing also claims to have been so pie-eyed that he can't remember the event. But even at peak intoxication, can't one remember that exposing privates in public is ill advised?

That pressing said privates against the flesh of an unconsenting stranger constitutes antisocial behavior, I would offer as a universal truth.

Pressing said exposed privates in front of camera-phone wielding witnesses, I would offer as a more recently conceived universal truth.

History tells us that engaging in mob rule, as all who were present are guilty of, is neither civil nor safe.

Yelling "Roll Tide" during such mob rule does little to enhance the reputation of the esteemed university in question.

Posting videos on YouTube can ruin reputations, shame people, get them fired, destroy their families.

Les Miles should have replaced quarterback Jordan Jefferson with Jarrett Lee in the second half.

And there are more, many more lessons from that night.

But I can't think of a single one that isn't common knowledge to anyone over 16.

Except maybe this: In New Orleans, it's better to be an elected official guilty of stealing money intended for the poor than a drunken fool on college game day.

On Thursday, City Councilman Jon Johnson was sentenced to six months in prison for conspiracy - for pocketing funds intended for constituents whose lives and property were destroyed by the flood.

Also Thursday, Downing was sentenced to two years for the crime of obscenity.

He was blind drunk.

Justice is merely blind.

And Jon Johnson is one lucky S.O.B.