Drainage taxes on Tangipahoa ballot

ROSELAND, La. (AP) - Voters in the Roseland, Amite and Independence areas will decide Dec. 8 on two millage propositions supporting drainage work.

The Advocate reports Tangipahoa Parish's Gravity Drainage District 4 is seeking renewal of a pair of ad valorem taxes that fund drainage work and canal clearing.

A five-year, 2-mill tax running from 2013 to 2017 would be split, half to maintenance and operations of the district and half to construction. The millage is projected to generate $76,000 annually.

A 10-year, 3-mill tax running from 2013 to 2022 would go toward maintenance, construction and other improvements to the district's drainage works. It would generate an estimated $115,000 each year.

Drainage district board member James "Rube" Ardillo said the millage renewals are necessary to fund the district's work, which is operated by a five-member board.

"That's the way we maintain our canals to keep people from flooding," he said.

Many Tangipahoa residents have little awareness of the district's operations but would be affected if it ceased to operate, he said.

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