Businessman pleads guilty to bribing public official believed to be Nagin (12/5/2012)

New Orleans, La - Another city hall vendor pleaded guilty today to paying tens of thousands of dollars worth of bribes, to a public official, with a granite company.

Rodney Williams is the second person to plead guilty to crimes involving, who a source tells Fox 8, is former mayor Ray Nagin.

He was a former owner of a consulting company called 'Three Fold' that began doing business with the city in 2008, and now Rodney Williams has become the second person, pleading guilty, to bribing an elected official, who the feds will only identify as public official 'A'.

"I'm not going to tell you who public official 'A' is but you'd be the worst investigative reporter on the planet if you couldn't figure out who public official 'A' was," said Williams' attorney Ralph Capitelli.

Williams went before Federal Judge Morgan, and admitted to three separate bribes in excess of $72,000, beginning in December of 2008, with some payments begin made to close family members of 'public official 'A''. They got seven or eight horses, all ready to go out of starting gate, all ready to testify against Ray Nagin," said fox 8 legal analyst Joseph Raspanti.

The money, was funneled into public official A's granite installation company, although the feds don't name 'Stone Age' granite, the company Nagin set up for his sons.

What the Williams' did, according to the feds factual basis, was provide five checks to public official A, an agent and employee of the city of New Orleans, between January 31, 2008, and July, 2009. Federal documents say the payoff was provided to influence, reward, and guarantee 'favorable treatment' from public official A, in the form of engineering and management contracts, through the city's Department of Public Works.

"There's no question the work was performed, this doesn't involve bogus invoices," said Capitelli.

Although the feds say that Williams, and the public official set up a dummy granite company with ownership documents, in an effort to hide the payoffs.

"Under the agreement he is required to and will cooperate fully with the ongoing federal investigation, including testifying against public official 'A' if that's what he's required to do," said Capitelli.

When it comes to any more indictments, the five-year statute of limitations clock is ticking. "I think based on the statute of limitations that they're facing, and anything else. In the next 60 days we will hear something," said Raspanti.

And that something, could be the indictment of a former mayor.

Williams joins Frank Fradella, another former vendor who admitted to paying bribes to public official 'A'.

Federal guidelines, show that Williams could be sentenced to between 30 and 37 months in jail. He's scheduled for sentencing on March 27th of next year.

No comment this afternoon, from Nagin attorney Robert Jenkins.