Chris Rose: Road Construction Headaches

New Orleans, La - The other evening, I parked on my street in the French Quarter.

The next morning, someone began a renovation project on the block. Heavy equipment was moved in, orange cones were placed down and temporary no parking signs were posted.

By the time I returned to my car, it was surrounded by traffic cones – and ticketed.

In the space labeled Violation it said: "No Park. Construction."

They're resurfacing streets all over the Quarter and when they shut down for weekends, workers drape this haphazard orange plastic mesh all over the place to mark areas under construction.

It's like an evil web of doom; outside my front door, I tried to maneuver around some and it tangled up my feet and I fell into a pile of the stuff.

Same day, I watched two different gentlemen, both older than me, try to negotiate their way around the same netting – with the same unfortunate result.

If you ever drive down Claiborne Avenue – and from my daily experience, it appears most of you do – you've seen the massive rebuilding project from Uptown through Central City.

Construction crews have poured these new narrow sidewalk extensions that jut out several feet past the old street corners.

I know this because I made a right turn and crashed up and over a stretch of concrete that was not there last time I made that turn.

There are dozens of these white concrete peninsulas sticking out into the street now. Look, and you will see that most of them are already scarred by chipped concrete and nasty black tire marks.

There are no orange cones or netting to warn drivers.

Now, I may, in fact, be a moron; what with falling down and mashing my front end and all that.

But I may be a victim instead – like many around here – of city contractors operating with complete disregard for common sense and fundamental courtesy.

Truthfully, it's beginning to harsh my mellow. And bruise my butt. And dent my car.

Picayune aggravations like these are the bane of life around here.

So common. So unnecessary. So annoying.

So New Orleans.

So, somebody: Please!

That's all. Just: Please.