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Hotel prices soar for Super Bowl

New Orleans, La. - Tourists staying in hotels downtown right now say they're comfortable with the rates.

In just two months, those hotel rooms and rates won't be available.

Starting in late January, crowds of people will be here for the Super Bowl.

"The city, as part of its' bid package, dedicated the hotel stock downtown," says Mark Romig

Twenty-thousand downtown hotels are already locked up in that bid package.

Thousands of others are available in the metro area but expect to pay as high as eight times the normal rate.

On, the Midtown Hotel on Tulane Avenue is going for $469 a night starting February 1st.

Getting a room tonight would cost you $59.99.

The Midtown Hotel manager says they are already 90 percent booked.

Rooms are also available at the Avenue Plaza Resort on, but you'll have to shell out $1,109.00 a night.

For hotels like the Sheraton, the website simply says ‘call'. We did that and were told that the hotel is booked solid.

"Which is really good for the region because that moves people to take hotel rooms at and participate in areas like Baton Rouge and Lafayette and the Mississippi Gulf Coast," says Romig.

For people who live in New Orleans and may be tempted to rent out their homes for some extra money, Mark Romig says that's against city code.

Come Super Bowl weekend, though, every hotel in the metro area is expected to be full no matter what the price.

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