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Slidell man returns home after South Sudan imprisonment

Slidell resident Mark McCabe Slidell resident Mark McCabe

Kenner, La - A Slidell man arrested in Africa is finally back home. Mark McCabe was greeted by his family at Louis Armstrong International Airport after being captured two months ago in Southern Sudan.

Just minutes after Mark McCabe walked off the plane carrying him to Louisiana, his wife Anne ran to kiss him. It's a moment they've both been waiting for, for two months. Seconds later, McCabe was surrounded by two of his kids, and other relatives.

The 52-year-old father of three last saw his family in the summertime, when he left home for a job in South Sudan. In October, McCabe was arrested for allegedly kidnapping an Indian businessman.

Anne McCabe and Senator David Vitter worked tirelessly to bring the Slidell man home, while denying McCabe had anything to do with a kidnapping. Two weeks ago, the charges against Mark McCabe were dropped, and he was allowed to return home. He said when he arrived, "I love the United States. I love my state. I don't know Mr. Vitter, but I'm going to shake his hand whenever I meet him."

Mark McCabe says his imprisonment in the African country wasn't pleasant explaining, "It was rough. It was tough. I went to four different prisons. I met a lot of bad people but I kept my faith, kept my belief. I knew my wife was fighting for me, and I knew that I would be home."

McCabe's health was a major concern while he was in South Sudan. Last year he had a heart attack, and was initially denied his heart medication when he was first arrested. Then, he had another heart attack while in custody. Anne McCabe says her husband will be checked out by doctors this week.

McCabe's incarceration wasn't only tough on him, but it was difficult for his kids to deal with as well. But now, his children say they're grateful to have their dad back home. "Everything seems like it's going to be back to normal now and I can't wait for him to see his home and see his dogs," Whitney McCabe said.

The McCabe family was treated to a police escort back to their Slidell home.

Anne McCabe says they won't be leaving there, for a long time. "I got him some pajama pants so he can't go out the house, and he's just going to stay at home with me," said Anne McCabe.

Which is just in time for Christmas. It's one the family says, they'll never forget.


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