Teacher reportedly had students write own suicide notes as assignment

A French teacher has been suspended after allegedly making his students write their own suicide notes as a homework assignment according to Fox New.com.

The Telegraph reports the local school authority found out about the assignment after a group of parents complained, saying they were horrified their children, between ages 13 and 14, were given the assignment.

The assignment supposedly read: "You've just turned 18 and have decided to end your life. Your decision appears irrevocable. As a final effort, you decide to explain the reasons for your act. In setting out your self-portrait, you describe all the disgust you feel for yourself. Your text must bring up certain events in your life at the root of this feeling."

The Telegraph reports one parent told a local paper her son received the critique that his "suicide note" was "not precise enough" from the teacher.

"Telling a pupil that he is about to end his life and that he must recount it appears troubling to us, said Jean-Marie Renault, the local education authority head, who confirmed to the The Telegraph that the teacher had been suspended.