Nagin appears at Federal Court (12/14/2012)


New Orleans, La.- Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, and his attorney Robert Jenkins, met with prosecutors at Federal Court Friday morning just one week after another man came forward and admitted paying bribes.

On Friday, Nagin met with U.S. Attorneys working the bribery case, for about an hour and a half.

He appeared just days after former City Hall Consultant Rodney Williams pleaded guilty to paying over $70,000 to a public official, who a source tells Fox 8, is Nagin.

Williams is the second person who has pleaded guilty to bribing Nagin.  The other is Frank Fradella.  Both bribes involved payments to the granite business, which Nagin set up for his sons.

Fox 8 Legal Analyst Joe Raspanti says today's meeting was possibly the last chance that Nagin may have had to work out some sort of deal to protect his sons.

Stay tuned to Fox 8 for more on Nagin's appearance at Federal Court and just how soon there could be some sort of resolution in the case.