Drew Brees gives credit to whole team for 41-0 victory

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New Orleans, La.- The Saints submitted a complete effort Sunday en route to a 41-0 victory over division rival and playoff hopeful Tampa Bay.  Afterward, Drew Brees spread the credit to everyone in the organization.

The following is a copy of his postgame media availability, as transcribed by the New Orleans Saints:

"Obviously there was a renewed focus, maybe a new set of goals for these last three weeks the way we want to close out the season. I think earlier in the week, I know offensively, it was kind of decided that we want to do what we hang our hat on, now is the time. Certainly, there was a sense of urgency, also coming back home in front of our fans against a divisional opponent. All in all, when you look through it, the defense played exceptional. Offensively, I believe to throw the ball and run the ball very effectively and very efficiently, take care of the football, make the most of every opportunity. That was something we wanted to do, and we did it."

"Even though maybe that Super Bowl trophy can't be ours this year, we still have a lot to play for. We have a very prideful group of guys, but also we have guys that understand the big picture, and that is that we're going to be here for a long time. We can start building the foundation of something now that will carry over for years to come. We've got a great core group of guys, a great group of young guys that continue to develop. It's fun to watch these guys grow and continue to be part of the offense. Ingram had a great day. Joe Morgan, it's fun to watch him grow. Those guys defensively, really the same thing, especially with the absence of Malcolm Jenkins, safeties stepped up and played great today. Obviously, the whole (defensive) group did. We like the feeling after these games. Hopefully, we've got a few more like this."

(on improvement of defense this year) "Keep in mind that it's not like we're going up against them. It's their defense against our offense. We're running scout team for them, they're running scout team for us. We're trying to give them a good look. It's just kind of falling into a comfort zone. Obviously, it was a new defensive scheme that was installed this offseason. I know it requires a lot of things from those guys. I think they've done a phenomenal job of grasping it. Obviously, there's been injuries at times, but guys have stepped up. Certainly, I look at it from an offensive perspective. What's our job offensively? Score points. But in the process, we need to take care of the ball. We don't want to put our defense in tough positions. We want to possess the ball, keep them off the field, keep them rested so they can go out there fresh. Create those momentum changes that are positive for our defense. I feel like offensively, we've put our defense in some tough spots this year. Obviously, they've made some big plays at times to get us going, help us out. That's what we mean when we talk about the complementary game – the game within a game, both sides of the ball working together, field position, all those things."

"I don't think that means anything. We still have things that … are a potential distraction. We're just focused on playing ball and winning games."

(on offensive philosophy after the last three games) "Aggressively smart. We know the way that the play, the mindset we have. Every time we step on the field, we thing about playing aggressive, scoring points, throwing the ball, running the ball, spreading it around, formationing people to death, multiple personnel groups, throwing it up and letting guys go make the play. We've done that very effectively. It's unfortunate at times when all of a sudden, maybe that same ball you threw that I wouldn't throw any … differently gets tipped or whatever, something bad happens as opposed to what you're used to happening. It's easy to want to become conservative, but that can't happen. All of a sudden, you kind of take away your edge. We're going to keep playing with that edge, that aggressive mentality, obviously understanding the big picture and what we're trying to accomplish. Certainly we're not going to go out there reckless."

"How many times have we gone down inside of a minute and score a touchdown over the last four years? A bunch. If we've got what we feel like is enough time, time outs, all that stuff, we feel very confident in getting some points. Is it going to happen every time? No. At times, you might get a sack or turnover. You try to avoid those. We're not going to play conservative. We're at our best when we play aggressive. You understand the situation, you play smart and aggressive."