Chris Rose: End of the world

There are only two more shopping days until the end of the world.

So what are you doing about it? What if the world does end Friday?

Does that mean we get a cosmic do-over – start from scratch from the Garden of Eden and create a new Utopian version of civilization, minus greed, assault weapons, Congress and trans fats?

Or is this really it, kaput, game over?

Just because the Mayan calendar expires on Dec. 21, 2012, does that mean so goes the rest of humanity?

As the popular notion goes: If they were so smart, how come the Mayans devised a calendar that outlasted them by many centuries?

All the same, this hullabaloo about the Apocalypse has given us a great diversion, something goofy to distract us from all the bad stuff crawling across our TV and computer screens.

Who amongst us isn't looking for a moment to forget about the sorry state of affairs we find ourselves in during this, supposedly the most blessed and hallowed of seasons?

Isn't this the time of year we're supposed to take stock of our blessings, slow down and consider life's bountiful possibilities?

If the end of the world meant I wouldn't have to shop, wouldn't always wear the wrong clothes to holiday parties and couldn't check my Facebook account....maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing.

And, call me bitter, but: If the Saints aren't going to be playing the Super Bowl in the Dome this season, then I'd just as soon nobody does.

I welcome whatever greets me as the sun rises on Friday morning. If it does, that is.

If all it brings is another day in New Orleans with all its maddening quirks, another day putting up with my kids' mess and noise and endless demands, another day of trying to figure out what makes people think and say the things they do, then, well.....

That wouldn't be the end of the world now, would it?

Just in case, I've put off all my shopping until Saturday.