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Last minute shoppers flood stores

Metairie, La. - Time is running out for all of you last minute shoppers.  Shoppers were out in full force on Sunday.  If you plan to join the crowd Christmas Eve, get ready for some company.

Shoppers summed up their day at Lakeside Shopping Center with one word: hectic.

Last minute shoppers crowded into malls and stores during this last weekend before Christmas.

"Just trying to get that last minute gift in," said one shopper.

"I'm looking for the perfect gift for the holiday season," said another.

Even though Lakeside was buzzing, analysts say some Americans aren't in the spending spirit.  From the fast approaching "fiscal cliff" deadline, to the recent school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, people have a lot on their minds.

To entice shoppers, retailers have expanded hours and stepped up promotions.  Some are slashing prices on already discounted merchandise.

"It's super busy and lots of good prices," said a shopper with a smile.

"A lot of long lines, but everybody seems in a pretty good mood," said a shopper.  "So far so good."

So if you still have a few names on your list.  Remember, there is just one shopping day left.  If Sunday is any indication, Monday will be a busy one.


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