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Burglars are still busy in NOPD's 5th District

New Orleans, La. - NOPD's 5th District has seen dozens of burglaries this holiday season.  police say they've stepped up patrols, but the thieves don't appear to be backing down.

Donovon Ceaser is wrapping up his first month living in the 7th Ward.  "I decided to protect myself by getting my landlord to put bars on the windows and on the doors," said Ceaser. "We don't keep anything outside of value."

Those are likely wise moves, considering the number of home and business burglaries in his neighborhood this month.

NOPD's 5th District reported 17 burglaries from Dec. 16-22.  There have been more than 60 this month from the 7th Ward to the Lower 9th Ward.

"My next door neighbor, it happened to him at least twice," said Freddie James, who lives in the 2000 block of Touro Street.

Investigators say they've lifted prints from some of the crime scenes.  Right now they're working to determine whether any of these crimes are related.

On December 18, NOPD Detective Alisha Henderson told Fox 8 that more officers are focusing on the areas seeing an increase in home burglaries.

"Most was forced entry where they came in through the side windows or rear doors," Henderson explained.  "It was mainly flat screen televisions, electronics, laptops, video games, things of that nature."

Police say they are gathering possible leads.  Meanwhile, people like Freddie James and Donovon Ceaser say they're doing everything they can to guard what is theirs.

"People live with this sort of thing all the time," said Ceaser.  "You just sort of get used to it.  You just hope it isn't you and you do the best you can to protect yourself and that's about it."

Many of these crimes were carried out from mid-morning through the afternoon while the victims were at work.

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