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Farm managers play music to help cows produce more milk

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Turns out humans are not the only ones becalmed and relaxed by classical music.

In India, on a farm near Pune City, managers say they found that soothing their cows with music helps boost milk production.   Soft classical tunes were installed across the shed.  So far, the music is credited with increasing milk production by about 40 percent.

Farm director Parag Shah told news agency ANI, "The idea of playing music in the cowshed comes from our mythology in which, Lord Krishna used to play flute and cows used to get attracted. Similarly, it is also an Indian concept where we believe that just like human beings, even cows like music. So we play classical music and we sometimes also tune the radio," he said.

In the past, western researchers have proven that the music acts as a stress reliever and brings health benefits to people. 

We don't know of any scientific evaluation of the Pune City claim.  Still, it's a unique approach that's captured the attention of many farmers around the world.

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