Chris Rose: Year in review

As 2012 takes its last breath, I look back at lessons learned.

Then I realize there don't seem to be many.

Mostly, this year comprised a jumble of questions, riddles and conundrums to which I seem to have no answers.

Some folks say if more people had guns, there would be less violence.

Some folks say if there were less guns, there would be less violence.

I think if there was less violence, it really wouldn't matter so much about the guns.

Some folks say I shouldn't eat at Chick-fil-A because the owner is against gay marriage.

Some say I should eat at Chick-fil-A more because the owner is against gay marriage.

I think I'm going to base that decision on whether or not I like their chicken.

How come the loudest critics of gay marriage always seem to have been divorced?

Some folks say the words "In God We Trust" on our money are proof that this is a Christian nation.

Some folks say our money shouldn't have God printed on it.

The only writing I care about on my money is the number in the corner that tells me how much it's worth.

How come the folks who most commonly blame all of America's problems on the media generally work in the media?

Why do folks who say they want government out of our lives try so hard to make laws that restrict the freedoms of others?

When folks say we need more prayer in public schools, do they ever mean readings from the Torah and the Koran?

Did you ever notice that folks who most loudly proclaim themselves Christians are the least likely to actually speak and act like Christ?

How come the folks who most loudly accuse other people of hating America then go on to say that how weak America is, how Godless America is, how culturally impure America is and what a generally lousy place America has become?

Why do the Republicans and Democrats call themselves parties when neither one of them seems to be or have any fun?

Oh, how the year 2012 twisted and turned.

I remember such simpler times, when all it seemed we had to do to fix this country was ban hoodies.

Well, we didn't.

And look what happened.

I say it's your own damn fault.