Retailers look to lure in shoppers for Gift Card Weekend

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AP Photo

For retailers nationwide the end of the holiday season doesn't mean deals are over.

January 4 - 6 will mark the second annual Gift Card Weekend.

Shoppers can score more savings and special offers just by swiping those plastics at participating retailers.

Gift Card Weekend founder, Brett Glass, dishes how he came up with the concept in the first place.

"It's really started by as following Black Friday and we just watched how important it was for retailers to incent consumers to come in and spend, says Glass. "And in this particular case, consumers and their families get eight to ten gift cards a year, and there wasn't an organized effort to get it and redeem, so that's why we found Gift Card Weekend. So we got 17 of the leading gift card companies, and they basically are banded together to give you special offers if you redeem those cards jan 4th through the 6th," explains Glass.

Participating retailers include AMC Theatres, Applebee's, Bath and Body Works, Sephora, and Olive Garden.

You can find the complete list of partners at