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83-year-old man stabbed to death in Mid-City

Edward Richardson Edward Richardson

Earnest Richardson operates a machine that demolishes homes Uptown on a day when his world was torn apart.

"It really hurts you know somebody would go in and murder an 83-year-old man who was defenseless," Richardson told us.

Someone murdered his grandfather Edward Richardson on New Years Day. The 83-year-old Sewerage and Water department retiree lived in the gated Terraces senior living apartment complex on Tulane Avenue.

"He always had his own house, his own car," his grandson said. "He didn't borrow money from anybody."

Richardson died after someone stabbed him several times in apartment 517. 

"He might have brought somebody to his room and they robbed him and killed him, you know," said one resident.

"This is a good area and a nice neighborhood, but you have to understand people have bad intentions," said Jonathan Spears, whose grandmother is a Terraces resident.

Richardson lived in the complex for almost two years. Many people didn't know him, and others didn't even know the murder occurred.

Three-year resident Kenneth Kahn tells us safety is an issue, and that people come and go during the day and don't have to sign in.

Renee Johnson helps some of the residents, and she said, "Just press zero and the lady at the gate will let you in.  You don't have to give your name or anything."

"It looks really secure but my grandfather was murdered in there," said Earnest Richardson. I'm going to miss him a lot. I hope the person that did it sees my face and knows that he's going to be apprehended."

Latter and Blum manages the property. A spokesman released a statement, saying the firm is cooperating with NOPD.  According to the spokesman, the Terraces does not restrict its tenants from bringing guests into the building.

The management company says it does not appear at this point that there was any breach in the security systems on the property. There was also no appearance of forced entry into Mr. Richardson's apartment.

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