FEMA awards $13.7 million to Plaquemines Parish for Isaac recovery

Plaquemines Parish will receive a $13.7 million federal grant to help ensure the parish's continued economic recovery following Hurricane Isaac, the Federal Emergency Management Agency announced Thursday.

The FEMA grant, totaling $13,748,715, helps reimburse the parish for work to remove nearly 15,480 cubic yards of vegetative debris from a chokepoint in the main drainage canal.

The funds will help restore functionality to the drainage system and therefore eliminate a threat to public health and safety.

The FEMA grant covers the federal share of the parish's eligible costs for the work. Under a cost-sharing formula, FEMA reimburses the state for 75 percent of the total costs, while the state and/or applicant pay the remaining 25 percent.

The newly obligated funds are a portion of the $73.2 million in total Public Assistance recovery dollars approved for Plaquemines Parish since the Aug. 29, 2012, declaration for Hurricane Isaac.