Prosecutors deny misconduct in Broussard case

(Fox 8 File)
(Fox 8 File)

New Orleans, La.- Federal prosecutors deny any misconduct from their office in the handling of the Aaron Broussard case Thursday.

The former Jefferson Parish president filed a motion last month in which he argued the U.S. Attorney's Office developed a "win at any costs" culture.

But, in a filing Thursday, prosecutors say Broussard was not selectively prosecuted and that there's no evidence to support Broussard's claim that grand jury information was leaked to the media.

Prosecutors also point out, despite the fact that Broussard asked for an evidentiary hearing for a judge to review the allegations of misconduct, Broussard never tried to withdraw the guilty plea he entered in September to public corruption charges.

They say this omission defeats nearly all of his unsupported allegations.

A judge will decide if the evidentiary hearing will happen.

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