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7th Ward man wounded in home invasion

A terrifying home invasion in the 7th Ward leaves a man unable to work and a family unable to go back home. It happened in the 1800 block of Marais Street last week.

The day after Christmas was a quiet one on Marais Street. Watching a movie in their house, the victims of the home invasion had no idea what the night had in store. Just before midnight, a man began knocking on the door.

"As soon as I cracked the door just to see if I could notice who he is, two other guys jump out from behind him so I immediately went to go try and close the door back and all three of them barged all in," the victim explained.

All three men, masked and carrying guns, started beating up the victim, whom FOX 8 is choosing not to identify. They asked for drugs, and wanted to know where his money was located. The victim insists he doesn't do drugs but gave them all of the money in his wallet.

He said to them, "Whatever it is that you can find, get it and go, I don't care just, don't touch my family, don't touch nobody. I've got family members upstairs, ya heard me, just get what you gotta get and go."

While the victim was struggling with the gunmen downstairs, his fiance and his two-year-old son were locked in a bathroom upstairs. Then they climbed out onto the roof, and waited until the coast was clear.

But the danger was far from over, as the victim explains.  "He held the gun up to my chest, pulled the trigger two times, nothing happened.  Held it up to my face after he looked into it, and put it to my face, and I'm like, man you know what, something was telling me to grab the gun so I grabbed it one more time and once I pulled it down, it went off. It shot me in my hand."

The victim stumbled across the street to his mother's house. She called 911.  The gunmen continued firing at the house as they ran away.

The victim's wrist was shattered by the bullet, leaving him unable to work at a grain operator in Reserve. His family is too shaken to return to their 7th Ward home.

"If you're easily... just walk up and be able to just barge into someone's house like that, who's to say that won't happen again?" the victim said.

The victim's neighbors say they had no idea something so violent happened just around the corner. Matthew Michaels commented, "I think it's scary. I think it's horrific and I hope anybody who knows anything hopefully would come forward."

The victim says he's now focused on keeping his family safe and praying that the assailants are brought to justice.

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