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Super Bowl Ambassadors get ready for the big game

New Orleans, La - The Super Bowl countdown is underway. Years of planning will all come down to one week packed with people in New Orleans and one day that will put the city on the world stage for Super Bowl 47.

This weekend thousands of volunteers are learning their role for week of the big game.

Mark Romig is the CEO of the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation. He says the volunteers will be the city's ambassadors. "They the brand ambassadors of New Orleans and they're going to be spreading the gospel of New Orleans as a great place to be, great place to live, great place to work and to have a Super Bowl," said Romig.

Romig is also a member of the Super Bowl Host Committee. The committee spent three years planning for a grand week expected to have a 430 million dollar impact on the host region. "The game is coming. It's going to happen. The world is coming to New Orleans and we're going to be ready," said Romig.

RTA officials say the Loyola Avenue Street Car Line will also be ready. "Late January, locals and tourists can expect to be aboard that wonderful new street car line," said Patrice Mercadel with the Regional Transportation Authority.

The RTA spent a year preparing for the big game. "We feel pretty confident that we will be able to keep up with the crowds and keep people moving around the city of New Orleans just as we do every day of the year, said Mercadel.

RTA officials say the St. Charles Street Car Line will also be in service for the Super Bowl. Maintenance work will be on hold from January 20th through February 13th.

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