Guests return to Intercontinental Hotel, one day after four-alarm fire

New Orleans, LA -- Guests are now back in their rooms at the Intercontinental Hotel in Downtown, New Orleans.

A far cry from Saturday evening when a 9-1-1 call came in of a fire in the laundry room.

"When they arrived the actually saw smoke coming out of the fourth floor and for us that automatically indicates a second alarm. A fire in a high rise or in a ship is probably the two most challenging things we face," says New Orleans Fire Department Assistant Superintendent, Tim McConnell.

The hotel's sprinkler system kept the fire at bay in the laundry room.

None of the guests rooms suffered any damage.

More than 600 hundred guests evacuated within a matter of minutes.

"It wasn't like chaos, you felt the sense of urgency, everybody evacuated the building quickly and calmly," says Guest, Catina Miller.

It took 98 New Orleans Firefighters just over an hour to bring the fire under control, meanwhile, hotel managers relocated guests to five nearby hotels.

While the Intercontinental fire was unexpected, it was a training lesson for members of the New Orleans Fire Department and Intercontinental Hotel staffers as they prepare to host a lot of guests in a matter of weeks for the carnival season and the Super Bowl.

"I think everybody was very happy it wasn't Mardi Gras or Super Bowl week when we had it cause that would have been another whole story," says New Orleans Fire Department Assistant Superintendent, Tim McConnell.

"You don't want to take these kind of training exercises, but we learn from everything we do. And next week we will have a meeting with the fire department and their top chiefs to go over the response how the hotel responded how they responded things that we can tweak and do better the next time," says Intercontinental Hotel Director of Sales and Marketing, Andrew Done.

The Intercontinental hotel isn't taking new reservations, but is honoring all existing reservations that are scheduled to arrive through Monday.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.